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Which Social Network to Choose If You Are A Blogger or Business Owner

Social networks have taken the internet by storm. Millions of people access these platforms on a daily basis to connect with their friends and family. Over the course of past few years, social networks industry has grown so much that different platforms such as Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinetree and many others have appeared to compete against Facebook.


For bloggers who depend on getting traffic from social networks, it has become quite hard to pick a social network website that best works in their favor. Even though Google and Twitter have both introduced many new tools to help bloggers connect with the community, Facebook still remains the best platform from a bloggers perceptive. There are many reasons why Facebook is the number one choice for a blogger when it comes to gaining extra traffic. Today we are going to look at the different attributes of Facebook that makes it so appealing, especially if you are a blogger or a business owner.

Facebook: One of the first and largest social networking platforms

One of the reasons why Facebook is so popular and huge is because of its long history. Facebook was launched in 2004, making it one of the oldest social networking platforms out there. Being old in the industry has given Facebook ample experience on providing effective tools for communication.

Facebook has now become pretty much a part of everyone’s life. It has become hard to find someone who does not have a profile on the platform. With Facebook’s user database hitting nearly 1 billion active users, it is the biggest social network out there. And since Facebook is being used by nearly all the generations, it is a great way to expose yourself or your blog on the platform.

Apart from being the biggest social networking platform, Facebook also provides some of the best tools for communication. The following makes Facebook the best choice for Bloggers or business owners:

Information sharing with maximum control

Sharing pictures, videos or opinions on Facebook is easy and only a few clicks away. But what really makes sharing things on Facebook so much better is the added control given to you. On Facebook, you can not only decide when and how to share, but you can also control how much information you want to share with specific people.

Intelligent tools to promote business

Facebook provides exceptional tools for business owners to reach their targeted audience. Creating a business page on Facebook gives you the opportunity to target audience with filters such as language, location, age, sex and even interests. Facebook also provides you with analytical tools to determine how well your page is doing. You can also use Facebook to create advertisements that are only shown to the audience you specify. Facebook makes this all very convenient and cost friendly.

Live chat, instant feedback and mobile phone notifications

Facebook has an integrated chatting platform that makes it possible for bloggers, business owners and common users to communicate with anyone instantly. Not only your messages are sent directly to the user, if certain features are enabled, they also get notified on their cell phones.

 Customized experience through applications

Facebook allows business owners and common users to install and use several applications developed by third party companies. These applications change the way you communicate with users or help you set online shops and calendar events to help your users get a better experience overall.

Keeping these attributes in mind, if you are a blogger or a businessman, you would probably want to reach as many users as possible in the most effective manner. Thankfully, Facebook has it all covered for you.


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