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Things to remember while doing Promotion through Social media

2945559128_53078d246bBusiness sectors solely depend on the promotion & marketing of the business and there are ample of ways to promote the business. It has become a platform to promote your business. Online promotion and marketing has been proven beneficial to the consumer as it is in their reach with all details regarding the product just a click away. So while doing online promotion through social media there are certain laws to be followed as described below:

1)      Soft & Polite way of promotion:

Through social networking sites, we need to convey things in a proper manner. We have to show it in a very polite way using language or vocabulary like please, kindly, thank you etc., as we do in our daily life. This is one of the most important things to be considered while doing promotion either Online through the internet or Offline (other mode of marketing).


2)      Brief & preciseness of the content:

While we read posts on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google+, we generally avoid posts that have large content. So always keep in mind that whenever doing promotion through Social media, the content of the advertisement should be very precise, attractive, uses less words, more eye-catching and the most important thing is that it should give complete details regarding the product/business that is being promoted.

3)      Share for free:

Social media, the basic idea behind its birth is to help people share their experiences and thoughts. Being involved in the business sectors, we should make use of it to promote our product and business through it for free. It also helps in sharing complete details of the product/business that is to be promoted to the whole world. Also while promoting, don’t forget to mention any third party’s name if involved. It would help in making collaborations and building business relationships.

4)      Response:

The most important task to be fulfilled while doing promotion of any business is that we must reply back to any query kept forward by the customer as early as possible, as delay may give a negative impact.

5)      Accuracy & organized display of Content:

Plan the content to be posted in an organized manner, and always use original content and avoid copying of content even with modifications. If the content is too large do divide the content into several divisions or series or chapters and whenever posting on social media do not post the same content again and again as this may annoy potential customers.

6)      Visual/Image/poster/visual graphics:

To make the post more attractive always add some Visual clips or images or Web Graphics with the Content. While posting such things make use of short URL (tiny URL etc.) so as to avoid the message length problem (in character) as that is there in Twitter.

7)      Diversity of Content or Customer pool:

With the developing social media & networking, there are many emerging social media sites available. So while posting any content over these sites always it should be cross checked that you don’t post same content in all the sites, a content diversity should be maintained. Always try to present the product/business (to be promoted) in different ways as possible. Also the customer pool should be kept in mind i.e., Facebook friends and twitter follower should not be same.

8)      Humor (real life situations):

While posting Content to promote your business don’t forget to involve real life conversations as it will increase the curiosity in the customer. And do not reply offensive to anyone no matter how offensive reply you get, always reply in a very polite way.

9)      Brand promotion by Single Representative:

Whenever doing business promotions through any mode,whether it may be through social media or anywhere else always appoint a single person or do it by yourself to present the content so that there will be no confusion to the customer and a positive image of the product can be created in the mind of the customer.

10)  Stay connected:

Technology has developed so much and if you want to have maximum promotion of the product/business, then always stay connected with your customers and the best is by posting or tweeting regularly.

11)  Genuineness & authenticity:

If you are with a good intention to develop your business relationship and build a customer base, then always post genuinely & be real in your conversations. Most importantly be natural and always try to develop solutions to solve your customer’s problem.


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