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How Social Media Changed the World

In the recent years, social media have involved almost everyone in the world. People have become interconnected through different social media platforms. Moreover, it has become a necessity for most when it comes to communication. The impact of social media to the world has become so immense that it has changed various aspects of people’s lifestyles. In addition, it has created a phenomenon in the fundamentals of social interaction by changing the perspective of internet users.


Many believe that social media would not just become a necessity for communication but will also become a necessity to many attributes comprising human living. Here are some aspects that many would never think of being influenced by social media.

Relationships and Companionships

The first thing that comes to mind when  one thinks of a relationship is that it has to be personal. There must be some kind of constant physical interaction between two parties that consist of a relationship. A great deal of success depends upon the amount of quality time that the two sides of an intimate relationship would spend with each other. During this quality time, people would know a person on a much deeper level and determine their compatibility. However, quality time and establishing an acquaintance has been abruptly changed by social media.

Through social media platforms, there becomes little need to have any physical contact whatsoever. Photos are constantly posted on social networking profiles which become substitutes for seeing each other eye to eye. Furthermore, getting to know a person is fairly convenient because of the different features in social media that enables a person to post their thoughts into short statuses or tweets. Other than that, one gets constantly updated about heir partners. Thus, it becomes very easy to avoid missing any important events or big changes. Intimate relationships that are sustained through the help of social media extends to that of families, friends and colleagues.


If you’ve heard of online marketing, virtual stores and search engine optimization, these things are an efficient display of how the business world has changed due to social media. Social media gather a large population of consumers into one arena. Four decades ago,a business owner might think it’s impossible to gather a vast range of consumers stretching from one end of the world to another. Now, thanks to social media, a business can conduct promotions, brand awareness campaigns, inform customers of new products, and conduct a sale with just one click. Business promotions through social media have been a phenomena in the business world. Recently, almost all world known companies have established a strong social media visibility. This brought abrupt increases in their profit and brand recognition across the world. With customers and clients no longer fettered by oceans and distances, there is no telling how great social media could change the world of business.

Social media continues to advance itself in the different institutions of society. Only time will tell where the ball will stop rolling.But  for now,it’s unlikely to stop making changes in the world anytime soon.


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