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5 Most Effective Ways to Increase Followers on Instagram

In terms of being a platform for photo sharing, promoting your business, freelance work or website, Instagram works the same way as Twitter and Facebook do. If nobody visits your website, you can’t get the best out of your online gallery. So, the key is to have a proactive approach about uploading images, getting followers by interacting with them regularly.

ImageHere are the ways to make your Instagram pictures get loads of wizards by your friends and other users.

1:  Keep your stream updated consistently and upload your best photos only

In order to gain more Instagram followers and keep them interested in your posts, post consistently. Why would anyone want to revisit the same and old page with no new stuff uploaded?  So, make sure the activities, photos and everything on your page keeps getting updated with fresh and latest ones. Here, you must be careful about posting newer stuff as anything posted hastily or unwisely may lose the important attention of your followers. Know the interest of your followers and upload photos and other content accordingly. Consider the option of having multiple accounts on Instagramif you want to upload photos which are not relevant to one specific page.

2: Stay in touch with those you follow

Don’t stay away and out of touch even if you don’t have anything to upload. In a situation when you have nothing new to post, log in and comment on photos of the people you follow. The more you comment naturally and genuinely, the more comments are you likely to get back and that too, candid ones.

3: Follow back the visitors who visit you

Reciprocation should be a priority when it comes to interaction. Those who visit you on Instagram, are most likely to have the same interests as you do, so, interact with them.  Even if you don’t relate to their content, interact with them. The greater are the chances that you will have favorable results for your content.

4: Rely on hash tags as well

Success in the online world depends on being accessible. Visitors can find your Instagram page only when they can see and access it. You can make your account accessible by using hashtags right within the uploaded photo captions. It’s not difficult to create hashtags.  Adding the sign # just before the tag word, creates a hashtag. The point in having a hashtag is to make words in the caption more prominent without making them complex to read. Tag only the most necessary of words in the caption. For example a caption tagged like “Snarky’s logo” is bound to attract more users when they search for it.

5: Look for hashtags

Find the users of your interest and category by looking for the same terms which you think the images of your interest can have. For instance, if you have to find out pet lovers, words like “veterinarian” or even “pet products” can be good options to start your search with. Once you find the required people, comment on the images and content uploaded by them. In this way, they are likely to return the favor and you’ll get what you want for your photos. Time is the greatest money, spend it on your page to spread your message around and in return you get feedback and visits by the users.

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